Aksaray University was established within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The language of instruction is Turkish and there is no preparatory class. The first students of the department took the 2013-2014 Fall semester with additional placement. 39 undergraduate students in the first education, 38 students in the second education total 77 students and almost all of our quota was filled. One associate professor, three assistant professors and one lecturer took part in the establishment. In addition to these faculty members, experienced faculty members of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Engineering support our courses. The Department of Management Information Systems Department, which has 493 undergraduate students as of the 2017-18 Academic Year, has taken graduate students in the 2015-16 Fall semester. Our department focuses on the needs of all stakeholders in accordance with the mission of Aksaray University in its establishment and studies and aims to train qualified manpower in line with these requirements.


In recent years, the use of information technologies in the businessworld is expanding constantly as it is in everyfield. With these developments, the importance of interdisciplinary approaches and practices in the worldand in our country is increasing day by day. Management Information Systems are established in order to eliminate the lack of manpower in this field and to educate people to conduct research in this field.


In our age, computer use is needed in almost every profession. The executives want to project the future of the institution and to see possible expansions based on the developments in the past of the organization they are in. This requires strong computer knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge.


The main objective of the Department of Management Information Systems is to train manpower to meet the changing needs of the businessworld in the 21st century and to apply the knowledge obtained through computer systems to the functions and solutions in the fields of business and management.


Management Information Systems is an academic field that combines human, technology, system theory and knowledge management. The Department of Management Information Systems is a department that provide straining to adapt the information obtained through information systems to the solution of administrative and economic problems. It is one of the most important tasks to facilitate the decision-making of the managers by gathering the information in different places and presenting them as a whole. The departments or programs providing education in the same field are called “business informatics”, “information technology management” or “business information systems”.


In our country, education is provided at all levels of the profession of informatics directly targeting informatics. However, one of the most important advantages of the department is the need for IT-educated management experts and IT-trained management specialists in businesses and all public or private institutions, especially in the field of study that focuses on the applications of IT in management.


Management Information Systems, unlike other similar programs, not only examine the technological infrastructure or the social system to which this technological infrastructure will be applied, but also investigate the events that will arise as a result of the interaction of the two. According to the US Department of Labor data, it is expected that the employment opportunities of employees in the field of management information systems will be above average.


Students who prefer this program are expected to be interested in computer technologies and business management issues. The Management Information Systems program will train qualified personnel who can ensure the best use of information technology in management, can follow innovations in this rapidly developing field, and will be equipped in both IT and business fields. Program, hardware and software business information systems, programming and data structure-based knowledge, database, network and internet management, data mining, electronic business management, management, organization, data analysis and statistics, information management, decision theory and courses a research project.




The mission of ASU Management Information Systems Department is to develop an innovative, entrepreneurial, technologically equipped manpower in the field of management information systems by researching, monitoring and following the innovations and developments in the field in our country and in the world.




The vision of ASU Management Information Systems Department is to find a place as a pioneer in the field of information society with a highly talented academic staff that conducts original researches in the field through out the world and in the country and supports the spread of advanced applications.


Career Opportunities

Management information systems; is an interdisciplinary department covering business, management, informatics and technology. It aims to educate managers who will establish, develop, use and maintain information systems in enterprises.


Graduates of our department can work in every unit where information technologies are used extensively both in public and private sectors. In this case, it determines the information needs and targets of the enterprises, makes plans in this direction and determines the need for hardware, software and personnel for the system.


Our graduates can take part in all kinds of management positions in today's business world using information technologies. The work area is quite common. Particularly in the computer, communication and finance sectors, which utilize information systems at high level, our department is increasing demand for graduates. For this reason, our graduates can work in different sectors and departments with different titles.


Some of the segments that graduates of the Department of Management Information Systems are:


- Software, Internet and E-business


- Consultancy and Audit


- Finance and Banking


- Contact


- Hardware and Network


- Health and Medicine


- Textile


- Logistics and Transportation


- Build


- Media, Publishing and Advertising


Some of the departments where Management Information Systems graduates work are as follows:


- Information Systems Development


- Marketing and Sales


- Management and Administrative Affairs


- Finance, Planning and Budget


- Operation


- Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics


Some of the titles that graduates of the Department of Management Information Systems use in the institutions they work for are as follows:


- Analyst


- Software developer


- Expert, Auditor


- Manager, Assistant Manager and Department Manager


- Project supervisor


- Assistant Specialist, Assistant Inspector


- Entrepreneur, Partner and Business Owner


- Chairman, Coordinator